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A Gift of Shelter
Tu Tam – Loving Hearts Housing Project #5 completed

With advancements in technology and science, we have seen quality of life, health and safety standards improve dramatically across the globe. The challenge has been reaching the poor, especially those living in rural areas or small cities where infrastructure and opportunities are lacking. We see this in Viet Nam, where many in rural areas or villages live below the poverty level under an open sky. Living conditions for these people are miserable, and life is filled with hardship and uncertainty. Imagine worrying about where to sleep, when to eat, or if your house
will survive the next rainstorm. These circumstances take a physical and emotional toll on any human being.

While distributing New Year Gift Packages during the Lunar New Year, we saw a very touching sight. There was an elderly man in a wheelchair, waiting solemnly in line. He had lost both legs, and appeared years older than his actual age. His clothes were dirty, frayed, and hung loosely on his small frame. We learned that his name is Mr. Nguyen Van Cam, and he is 76 years old. He and his wife are living in Muong Dieu, Dong Thap Province. Each week, he uses his wheelchair to travel to Sadec city to sell lottery tickets. Because the roundtrip is 15 miles, he stays in Sadec 5-6 days before returning home. When Mr. Nguyen Van Cam is in Sadec, he sleeps on the streets.

When he is home, his place of residence is a make-shift shelter patched with old blankets, cardboard boxes, and whatever they can find to keep a roof over their head and four walls standing. If you could hear Mr. Nguyen Van Cam’s story or see him and his wife at their home, it would be difficult to hold back tears. For decades, this couple has endured many hardships in order to survive. Heartened by Mr. Nguyen Van Cam’s story, Loving Hearts Charity (Hoi Tu Tam) decided to help build a small house for Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Van Cam to be breaking ground in April 2015. This would provide a permanent residence to offer peace of mind and comfort in their golden years.

Please open your hearts and partner with us in our quest to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. Join us in making this pledge for Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Van Cam a reality. Each of us can make a difference.

Donations are accepted online at www.tutam.org or check/Money Order payable to Tu Tam Charity and mail to 1129 Bal Harbor Way. San Jose, CA 95122.

Thank you for your loving kindness and generosity.