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The Loving Heart Charity appreciates your tender hearts together in harmony with the pain of the unfortunate. Today we would like to share with you a story of a family in Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. They are in need of your helping hands and compassion hearts. Your sympathy to the situation of this family is the key for them to have a roof over their heads, a place to be dry in the rainy days, a place they can call home.

Cuong, 52, after many health complications, his wife left him and three children for him to care for. The eldest is 13 years old and the youngest just turns 8 years old. Currently Cuong is selling lottery tickets to raise money for the family. With responsibility for raising three kids with food and schooling, he found himself weaker from all previous health issues. His steps are limping step and he is somewhat speech impaired. Cuong is also caring for 78 year old father who is in his dying years and suffering the agony of life. He is carrying the family responsibilities on his weaken shoulders day in and day out. Life felt that it is not enough responsibilities for Cuong; he is also caring for his younger sister who is 48 year old. His sister never able to sit or walk even though her body is fully developed. She lives her whole life by rolling on the floor. Cuong’s sister activities are all done by relatives and neighbors assistance. The whole family lives in a rotting house along the river.

If there is an opportunity to see his living condition, his activities no one would be able to walk by without feeling the sadness and heart clenching. For this reason, The Loving Heart Charity sincerely asking for your support in this August in order to build a new home for his family. Your contributions will be 100% dedicated to build a home for Cuong to continue caring for his children and family. No amount is too small and the value is much greater coming from your heart.

For more information about The Loving Heart Charity or about Cuong’s situation please contact us at (408) 449-5399. In Hayward/Fremont, please contact Mrs. Quang Tam at (510) 467-2729.

To make your contributions to “Loving Home From the Heart 2”, please make check payable to “Hoi Tu Tam” or “Loving Heart Charity” and mail to 1129 Bal Harbor Way San Jose, CA 95122 or you can make a donation online at www.tutam.org.

email: tutamusa@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tutamcharity

Tu Tam is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization (part of Hong Danh Buddhist Association) EIN/tax ID number: 41-2158620


Congratulation Cuong for his new home complete on Nov 2014