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A Question of Conscience

How do you feel when you see a man dragging his limp body down the sidewalk in an attempt to go somewhere? Do you believe a disabled child should spend the rest of her life bound to a bed? Can you imagine what it is to live without being able to go outside ever again?

A Harsh Reality

While the previous scenarios may sound harsh, the truth is that this is the reality of millions of people around the world live every single day. Those to whom impaired mobility has signaled the end of the life of freedom they knew before have not only lost their ability to walk, to move around, or even to lift themselves on their own for the most basic functions. It also means the loss of their livelihood, their job, and in many cases their friends. They are forgotten and it is our job to help them be heard once and for all.

A Dire Situation

Let’s face it. The situation of those who do not have the resources to purchase a wheelchair is more than bad. It is terrible. Those who have some mobility get around by dragging their bodies on the floor exposing themselves to further infection, open sores, and more disease. Those who are completely immobile are left to wither away in a bed, without the independence all of those who can walk take for granted. Poverty is a disabled person’s worst enemy, if only because he or she can’t perform the most basic functions without a wheelchair, and buying that wheelchair is simply out of the question.

A Very Possible Dream

In life, it is the little things we take for granted. We take our family for granted, we take our ability to walk ourselves to the front door for granted, we even take our privacy when using a bathroom for granted, but those who are disabled, those who are paraplegic, and those who are quadriplegic can’t do these things on their own without the help of a wheelchair. And a wheelchair is exactly what they can’t afford.

Today you can help their dream of independence come true by helping us bring the gift of mobility to those who, up until now, could only hope for a miracle to take place. You can be a miracle worker by helping us bring the gift of movement to all those who so desperately need it. Your donation, no matter how small, will help bring a new set of wheels to one who can only dream of feeling the sun on his skin once more.

Helping Us Help Others

You can help change the frightening and terrifying reality many people face every single day of their lives. Poverty hits all areas of life in ways we can’t even imagine, but you can help alleviate the pain and suffering poverty brings to those who can no longer move about without help.

Next time you see an old man dragging his frail body on a piece of cardboard trying to get home, the next time you hear of a young man whose life is no longer productive and carefree because he’s been doomed to living it out on a cot, think of how you can help us bring hope back into their lives. Because at Tu Tam we do much more than get them to sit on a set of wheels, we give them the independence they need to become all they have ever wished to be.